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Te Amo…I Love You

Te Amo…I Love You
Te Amo…I Love You

Book: Te Amo…I Love You
Author: Rohit Sharma
Publication: Mahaveer Publishers
Genre: Love, romance
Pages: 310
Price: –
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review: ‘Te Amo…I Love You’ is the young Indian writer Rohit Sharma’s debut novel and marks his foray into the coveted world of best-selling authors. As the title suggests, it is an out-and-out romantic fiction and a fine depiction of cross-cultural love. In quintessence, the novel is a love saga, and even though there are shades of action & thrill, this book is not for you, if romance is your much-abhorred genre.

The tale is essentially about Aryan (an Indian guy) and Isabella (a Spanish girl) and their moment of serendipitous love. On a rain-drenched morning in London, it was through sheer chance that an unnamed, unheard, unseen stranger borrows lift from Aryan, and he falls for her at first sight. He gives her lift and drops her to her destination but does not
even ask her name. What follows is around 50 pages of sheer joy, as our cupid-struck protagonist chases the maiden love of his life.

The first portion of the novel which is set in London is surely a treat for the die-hard romancers. The author has done a peerless job in depicting the state of a lovelorn person. The unfolding of romance has been beautifully penned, drawing the reader right into the
characters’ lives and making him root for them.

However, the next part of the book which is set in Spain is a downer. It has that run-on-the-mill clichéd storyline which involves a villainous goon and never-ending chases & escapes. The plot lacks unpredictability and that is where the story begins to lose its magic. 

Despite the mediocrity in the plot, the author scores in those love-making scenes which have been described in great vividness and graphic details. However, to author’s credit, there has been not a single mention of sexually profane words. The bed scenes satiate the curiosity of the reader without offending the moralists.

These intermittent romances apart, the mid-portion of the book has nothing refreshing to offer. Yes, the story would keep you glued, no doubt! But the reader may get a tad disappointed due to the predictable storyline.

However, Rohit redeems himself towards the end. The climax is heart-rending, moving and even shocking. The final few pages would give you ample reasons to pardon the author for the mediocrity in the preceding chapters.

The writing style is friendly and engaging! It suits a casual reader since there is no use of heavy bombastic language. One must also applaud the designer of the cover page of the book (picture above). It is soothing to the eye and full of mushiness!

All in all, ‘Te Amo…I Love You’ is a good read. Many readers would even find the novel as one of the best they have read in the romance genre. Yet, there are some shortcomings, but these are limited to the plot and the narrative. The soul & heart of the book is ‘romance’ and it certainly is flawless in that department. In fact, a happy overdose! 


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