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The One Word Every Prospect Craves


It’s arguably a very powerful phrase within the copywriter’s arsenal. It ranks proper on the prime with phrases like “free,” “new” and “financial savings.”

I’m speaking about “you.”

“You” is the phrase that will get your prospect’s consideration and retains them concerned. As Herschell Gordon Lewis says in The Artwork of Writing Copy, “Except the reader regards himself because the goal of your message, profit can’t exist. Profit calls for a ‘We/You’ relationship.”

Whereas the “We” within the “We/You” relationship is essential, it’s higher implied than communicated actually. In case your purpose is to place prospects first, then it’s greatest to have the “you’s” far exceed the “we’s.”

It’s the “you’s” that matter to prospects. They’re your workhorse for speaking your message and embrace all derivatives comparable to “your,” “yours,” “your self,” “you’re,” and “you’ll.”

Highly effective ‘You’< /b>

What makes “you” so highly effective? For one factor, it addresses your readers straight. In impact, it says “Hey you,” which is way tougher to disregard than “Hey anyone.”

Say “Hey you” in a crowded room and a variety of heads will flip. Say “Hey anyone” and some heads would possibly flip.

Whereas your copy gained’t truly say “Hey you,” it could possibly clearly determine to whom you’re speaking. After you have your viewers’s consideration, use “you” to assist maintain it.

Private ‘You’< /b>

Why does “you” get and maintain consideration? For one factor, it’s private. It’s utilized in private dialog day-after-day. What do you assume? How was your weekend? You’ll be glad to know …

When folks say this stuff to you, they’re certain to get your consideration and involvement. In spite of everything, they’re fascinated about your opinion. They’re within the stuff you do. They’ve one thing to inform you that can make you content.

That’s the purpose of you-oriented copy. Tackle your viewers straight, personally and by way of their pursuits. Be conversational and “you” will pop up within the copy naturally.

Counting ‘You’< /b>

It was talked about earlier that “you” is a workhorse. A basic instance is contained in “The Do-It-Your self Direct Mail Handbook” by Murray Raphel and Ken Erdman. They spotlight a “Newsweek” journal subscription letter used for almost twenty years.

The subscription letter was written by junk mail skilled Ed McLean, who used “you” almost 30 occasions on the primary web page alone. Greater than 100 million copies of the letter had been mailed, a testomony to its effectiveness.

Attempt counting the “you’s” (and “you” derivatives) in your copy. Examine them with the variety of “we’s” and first-person derivatives. If the “you’s” don’t outnumber the “we’s,” take into account transforming your copy.

Extreme ‘You’?< /b>

Are you able to overdo “you”? Sure.

In the event you load your copy with “you’s” however neglect the advantages, your message may have a phony ring.

“You” can’t prevent if there’s nothing significant to supply your viewers. Likewise, it’ll assist put you excessive if there’s.

(c) 2005 Neil Sagebiel

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