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No. 1 Liquid Vitamin Myth


Liquid nutritional vitamins have been taking the vitamin complement spot gentle. Questionable info and liquid vitamin claims have plagued the minds of many. The vitamin absorption reality has lastly arrived.

Probably the most controversial liquid vitamin fantasy must be vitamin absorption superiority. Capsule type nutritional vitamins supply as much as 30% absorption charges whereas liquid nutritional vitamins boast a 90% absorption fee. It’s time to show or disprove this truth in a visible method.

The very fact testing method carried out includes a quite simple experiment. The experiment started with a concept. For a nutrient to be absorbed into the blood stream, it should be fully simplified earlier than passing by way of the physique’s membranes; the villi within the small gut or the mucous membrane. With this in thoughts, a tablet should be simplified earlier than any nutrient absorption can happen. It will restrict the tablet type vitamin to principally one pathway of entry into the blood stream; the small gut.

Liquid nutritional vitamins happily improve the variety of entry pathways into the physique which permits for a greater absorption fee. A liquid vitamin is already in easiest type. As you drink the liquid vitamin, absorption is already going down in your mouth’s mucous membrane in addition to by way of tissue in your esophagus.

Now, vitamin absorption must be greater than concept. Visible proof of the vitamin dietary supplements means to cross by way of a really small membrane must be attainable. With a number of objects out of your kitchen, visible proof is lastly attainable. A espresso filter can simulate the permeable membrane vitamins should cross by way of in our our bodies. Lemon juice has a pH degree corresponding to abdomen acid. Abdomen acid pH ranges can vary from 1 to three relying on situations within the abdomen. Lemon juice has a pH degree of two.3.

Two nutritional vitamins had been chosen primarily based on excessive recognition and availability however shall be stored nameless to protect the common nature of this experiment.

With the vitamin absorption experiment planning full, the experiment was carried out leaving solely visible vitamin absorption info behind. All parts had been weighed earlier than and after the experiment. Each nutritional vitamins spent equal time within the abdomen acid equal in addition to filtering by way of the espresso filter. The experiment time frames had been meant to simulate digestion as intently as attainable which takes roughly 2-Four hours within the abdomen.

After the filtering course of was full, the vitamin absorption info had been lastly visually displayed. The load evaluation revealed 0.2 of an oz. filtered from the liquid vitamin complement and 0.eight of an oz. filtered from the tablet type vitamin. This coincides with the absorption fee info put to the check. Visible proof of the liquid nutritional vitamins means to soak up roughly Three to Four instances extra effectively than a tablet type vitamin resides within the espresso filter.

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